Activating Lifestyle and Business Aspirations

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Last week Kabi was invited and given the chance to speak at an Entrepreneurial Panel in order to explore the theme of ‘entrepreneurialism’ and share the story of Kabi along the way! The panelists and student attendees bonded over a friendly setting – asking questions and sharing their own personal experiences.

The event focused on looking at the multifaceted journeys of different entrepreneurs as well as the decisions they made and the difficulties they faced along the way. When we think about it, it is this sense of adventure that we strive for in our daily lives. Whether you are a white collar professional or a fresh young university student, having the courage and the ability to say ‘yes’ at whatever is thrown your way will develop you to become a stronger and more open-minded individual. This is essentially the essence of entrepreneurialism, and arguably, a way of life for many entrepreneurs. 

It was an inspiring event seeing female founders from companies like Workible and Austern come together through various different backgrounds and industries to share their insights since commencing their business. Yes, they are entrepreneurs, but at the end of the day, they are human-beings just like each and every single one of us. They understand the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle paved by hard work, dedication and most importantly, consistency.

Living a healthy lifestyle may mean something different to each individual, but it is a fundamental component in maximising our well-being. Remembering to take time off to appreciate the little things in life can work to improve your focus and productivity in the long run. Simple daily activities like having sufficient rest each day, consuming a balanced and nutritious diet and remembering to drink plenty of water all go a long way towards building a healthy lifestyle.

Key tips from the night:

  1. Barriers are what we make of them, at the end of the day, you have to be in it to win it. Go ahead, risk it for the biscuit, you will have more fun and success from putting yourself out there and trying.
  2. Often it is not the absence of what you need and seek that breaks you, rather it is your perception and response to the opportunity presented. Wise words from Eminem, "Would you capture it, or just let it slip?".
  3. When you are young, don’t be afraid! You have less to lose and remember, every single day there are individuals out there with much more baggage actively trying to make changes! What is your excuse?

Needless to say, the event concluded with many attendees deep in thought but also ready to head out and challenge their ideas in the real world! Two lucky students also managed to score a free Kabi bottle! What better way for the two university students preparing for upcoming exams to stay hydrated!

Kabi would like to thank Ms Lan Snell, the Director of Education Services at the University of Technology, Sydney Business School for hosting the night, as well as the support from the Women in business (WiB) and Australian Collaborative Entrepreneurial Society (ACES) student societies. Through these active and socially conscious platforms, more positive lifestyle business ideas are being spread every single day!

Until next time!

Lots of love,
Joanne and the Kabi team xx



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