How to Boost Your Winter Wellness // ClassPass x Nimble Activewear

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Last week us Kabi girls had the opportunity to attend ClassPass’s third Winter Wellness event, held at Nimble Activewear’s lustworthy store at Bondi Beach, and we had a blast. In what was an intimate conversation with nutritionist-in-the-making (watch this space), and healthy-eating advocate Nadia Felsch, guests were also treated to a warming bone broth, an array of activated nuts, and raw chocolate treats from Bronte-based store, Broth Bar and Larder. Needless to say we left feeling inspired, itching to do a yoga class, and with enough activated nuts to conquer any 3pm snack binges. SO GOOD!

During the night we learnt about Nadia’s holistic, and wholesome approach to wellness. It was unintimidating, in a communal setting, and her passion for healthy eating radiated from her speech, while being mainly rooted on scientific research, mixed with plausible, and more importantly actionable, tips and tricks. For example, from the get go, she de-bunked the idea of a ‘whole food’ being this otherworldly superfood, but instead simply framing it as “anything that wasn’t processed”, also she didn’t bastardise dairy and gluten, and instead asked audiences to assess these sometimes problematic foods on an individual basis.

Nadia’s other top tips included…

  1. Keep your produce local, always buy in season, and try to keep it organic – a no brainer, this practice is one of the easiest ways that you can support Australian farmers, while saving yourself money. Remember that the freshest fruits and vegetables are ones that haven’t been shipped here from the USA.
  2. Get to know your body – there’s no cut and paste option when it comes to wellness, so save the trends for your workout. Be your own guinea pig and note any subtle changes in digestion, skin, and your mood, and make any changes accordingly.
  3. Remember that the level of intensity doesn’t always make the workout – as a former competitive athlete, Nadia said that yoga helped her retain muscle, and create a longer, leaner, and strengthened build, it’s also a lot less taxing on your joints.

Overall throughout the night there was an overarching communal feel from the event. On showcase were multiple, small, local businesses – like Nimble, Broth Bar & Larder and Nadia’s Wholefood Society, which are all amazing female start-ups that Kabi takes inspiration from. Also, thanks to ClassPass, you can click the following link here and sign up to a two week trial with ClassPass for only $19, and have unlimited access to all their studios. I’ve taken Nadia’s advice and BodyMindLife, Urban Yoga, and Barre Body have all been on high rotation. The essential oil head rub at the end of an Urban Yoga class is pure heaven.

Lots of love,

Jess and the Kabi team xx

P.S. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled and come back soon for a smoothie recipe from Nadia herself – perfect to grab on the go with your Kabi!

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