The Story of Kabi

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It all started on a hot Australian Summers Day…    

The sun was blaring, the air was dry and you could see the heat waves in the far distance. The only thought that I had after churning through a long list of errands was getting back to my car and taking a sip of the icy cold water that I had left to thaw…little did I know that would not be my reality.

Picking up the bottle there was condensation everywhere, the water was warm and the taste of plastic was awful. And just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, I had accidentally left my parking ticket under the drink holder where I placed my bottle, and needless to say it was soaked through… the $60 parking fee was the cherry on top.

I thought to myself, there’s got to be an alternative to this, surely there had to be a solution to this problem out there somewhere.

From that point onwards the rest is history!

After finding some amazing suppliers, Kabi was brought to life.

Kabi is made with the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel and is double insulated to ensure your drinks stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Kabi is aesthetically designed to make sure you not only stay hydrated throughout the day, but also fashionable. It’s sleek design and robust frame is perfect for any occasion, whether you’ve got a hectic day of back-to-back classes, sports training or werk, Kabi has got you covered.

Say goodbye to wet, palmy hands and scolding hot glass bottles, and say hello to cold and hot drinks that sustain their temperature for the entire day.

Doesn't matter what time of the year, Kabi is the perfect fashionable accessory all year round.

The mission here at Kabi is to see a society where plastic bottles are a thing of the past. It’s crazy to think that Australian’s drink an average of 14 litres of bottled water a year, that’s 28 bottles per person every year equating to almost 1 billion plastic bottles which are either recycled or dumped in Australia every single year.

Here at Kabi we are proud supporters of a clean Australia, and are looking for people to join us on the journey to achieve a cleaner community, and it all starts with you.

Reduce the waste of plastic bottles in our environment by buying a Kabi Bottle - and keep a bottle infinitely. 

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